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Qualified Animal Behaviourist Sharon Edwards has over 20 years experience of working and living with dogs with difficulties.  She understands how difficult this can be and will offer the advice, support and training to allow you to work through the problems you are having and enjoy a better relationship with your dog.

A behaviour package with a difference

At Lakeside we know that all dogs are individuals, we also understand that all homes and families are different.  That is why our behaviour packages are bespoke right from the start.  We also understand the need to be flexible, not only will your dogs' behaviour change as you work through a management programme, but your circumstances may change too.  That is why we will discuss with you, what you hope to achieve.  We will offer advice of a realistic timescale to achieve your goals and recommend a package of training aimed towards you, your dog and your family.   We then allow you to work through the training package in your own time, with the flexibility to buy in extra support if needed or to continue on your own if you progress more quickly or your circumstances change.  This means less to pay out to get started and more opportunity to make changes as you and your dog progress.

Getting Started

If you would like our help with a behaviour problem with your dog then please complete the below application form.  We will then contact you to arrange an initial contact session via Skype or telephone.


Why do I need to fill in an application form before I speak to anyone? 


Often people will contact us as a last resort.  Perhaps at a time when they have tried other options or a an incident such as a dog bite has prompted them to get help.  We understand how stressful these times can be and want to make sure we are the right people to help and we have the time to discuss this with you properly.  An application form means we have basic facts in front meaning we can ensure that you get to speak to the right person at a time when they are able to give you their full attention.  

Why do I need to book a telephone / skype session? 


These sessions are an invaluable start to our behaviours consultations process.  They allow us to get further details about, you, your dog and also your family and home life.  We can discuss what you hope to achieve and you will be given a realistic timescale of how long you can expect the process to take.  It allows us to confirm whether we feel we can help with your dog and gives you the opportunity to speak with us and see if you feel you would like us to help you.  During your skype session you will also be given basic advice regarding safety and management to help before further assessment takes place.

What problems are you able to help with? 


Sharon is qualified and has experience in working with dogs with a range of problems.  Sharon has lived with two dogs with separation difficulties and has also worked through fear aggression and reactivity with her own rescue spaniel.  Sharon  understands how difficult it can be living with a dog with problems and will ensure that the training package you are offered will be achievable for you and your lifestyle.

How long will it take before I see results?

All behaviour problems take time  and commitment from you to see results.  Unfortunately there is rarely a quick fix to make changes that will last.  You will often see small changes within the first month of putting your training into place.  However if you want to see real lasting results you should expect your training to continue for between 3 and 9 months. During your initial contact with Sharon she will advise you on a realistic time frame for you and your dog.

What will happen following my initial contact call? 


After your initial talk with Sharon you will be given a written plan of the training package that we recommend.  This will usually begin with an assessment and training session in your home, which takes around 2 hours.  You will be given written guidelines to help you with your training and will be asked to book a follow up skype or telephone call to allow us to discuss your progress.   Further training will be based entirely on you and your dogs needs and may include; a dog to dog assessment at our training centre, an accompanied walk or noise desensitisation programme.  All of these can be paid for at the start of your training or can be worked through  as individual elements at your own pace.

Will my dog be 'cured' of its problems when I have finished training?

This will depend on your dogs age, what the problem is and how long it has been going on for.  Sharon will discuss realistic aims with you during your initial contact.  A young dog who is new to your home and showing some destructive behaviours could be resolved almost completely.  With an older dog who has been displaying aggression towards other dogs for several years the aim will be to reach a point that the dog is able to cope with and ignore other dogs.

How much does this cost?

Because all of our behaviour packages are bespoke and designed just for you prices are supplied on an individual basis.  The initial contact session either via telephone or skype costs £20.  Should you then book further training with us the £20 will be deducted from your next session.  An initial assessment and training session in your home, including a written treatment programmes and follow up skype session costs £160

What other support will I receive?

Lakeside have two members only Facebook pages specifically offering support to owners who have had behaviour consultations with us.  One is a general behaviour problem page the second is a support page specifically for owners of reactive or aggressive dogs.  Owning a dog with problems can be lonely at times and problem dog owners often feel a lot of guilt (this is usually not justified).  We find that bringing owners together in this way, to share stories and offer support and guidance can be an invaluable tool in not just helping your dog but supporting you in what can be a stressful and emotional time.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Scarlett the Dogue de Bordeaux was handed into a rescue centre when she was just 12 months old.  She was a nervous girl who didn't cope well in a kennel environment.  Luckily her new owners saw past her problems and offered her a home.  They contacted us at Lakeside when Scarlett began showing some nervous aggression towards people she didn't know.  Scarlett was assessed by Sharon our qualified Animal Behaviourist and was introduced to other dogs in a safe and controlled way.  With the support of her owners Scarlett is gaining confidence and responding well to a positive training programme.

'Scarlett is a rescue dog that came with one or two issues, but thankfully the rescue centre recommended lakeside training and it's one of the best things we could have done for Scarlett, 3 months on and the improvement in her behaviour is significant thanks to Sharon and her team!'

Tracey Wilson & Scarlett

Marley is a lovely young Labrador who can lack confidence when
meeting new people and lacks social skills around other dogs.  
He is still a young dog who is lucky to have committed owners will support him and follow a positive training programme to help him mature into a more confident and relaxed boy.

'I can't thank you enough, I was so pleased that Marley started to gain your trust due to your patience / professional skills. Once again thanks for believing in Marley and you help / support you have certainly regained my faith in dog training! We found you to be most pleasant and sincere.

Ian Story & Marley

When Sharon first met Ozzy he was barking and lunging at every dog he saw.  After slow and careful introductions he is currently enjoying weekly walks with Sharon's dog and is slowly learning to remain calm in the presence of others.  Like many dogs with behaviour problems Ozzy will always need careful
management but with training from his dedicated owners and support from Sharon he is becoming a much more relaxed and calm dog when out on walks.

Ozzy is a 2 year old Staff/Spaniel,as you can imagine he is full of energy.He has benefited greatly from his One to one  training with Sharon from Lakeside Dog Training.He now has more confidence,he no longer barks at night or at the dustman,his recall has greatly improved,he is still a little crazy but in a nice way.  Thankyou Sharon from Ozzy and one grateful owner.

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