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Our puppy courses use only positive, fun and effective training methods to get you and your puppy off on the right paw together. 

Training Classes

We aim to train skills that are essential for any pet dog living in our strange human world.  These include learning to stay calm and focussed around distractions, including when meeting other dogs or people.  Learning to come back when called and to walk nicely on a loose lead.  Building confidence through positive training and games so that our dogs are not fearful in new situations.  Learning to enjoy being handled and examined so that we can administer treatment easily if our dogs are unwell.

We also teach fun activities that help to stimulate our dogs active minds, such as Scentwork, putting your toys away or finding your keys.

All of our classes use only positive and effective training methods including clicker training.  Classes are available at venues  in both Redditch and Droitwich.  Puppy classes can be booked via the link below, for information about adult dog training please get in touch to ensure that your dog is placed on the correct course for them.

Prices begin at £76 for a 6 week course


Indoor and outdoor puppy classes are available.  Group sizes are small and all lessons are followed by a weekly email including video tutorials to help you get the very best learning experience.


Puppy classes can be booked via the link below.  If you have an adult dog which you would like to begin training with please contact us so we can ensure that we fit you and your dog into the right class for you.

1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 Training

1-2-1 lessons can take place via zoom or in person.  Most lessons take place at an agreed outdoor location in Droitwich, Redditch or Worcester, some lessons can take place in your own home by prior agreement with Sharon.  These are a great way of getting started with your training with either a new puppy or rescue dog.  Sharon will discuss with you any problem areas you have with your training, such as pulling on the lead, not coming back when called or jumping up at visitors.   You will be introduced to training methods that work for you and your dog and advised on how to progress with your training.  All lessons are supported with a written training plan including video tutorials where appropriate.

£45 per hour



Workshops are available including; Introduction to Hoopers, Reliable recall and Scentwork.  Please visit our Facebook page for full details of all of our upcoming training workshops






Online Training

Online training services include puppy or adult consultations, introducing training to your dog in their own home via zoom.  Consultations include written training plans and video tutorials where appropriate.

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