Close up of a Australian Shepherd's nose
Dogs 'see' their world through their incredibly sensitive noses.  A huge part of their brain is taken up processing the information they gain.  Using their noses tires and calms them.  Find out how to work with this amazing skill to build a closer relationship with your best friend.

Any breed


Scent Skills

'The Basics' and so much more!!


 Ever wondered how confident your dog is in new environments? How optimistic, how independent or reliant on you?  Or how to better understand your dogs body language?  This workshop begins by assessing your dogs personality traits through scent work.  Each dog will be assessed individually and qualified behaviourist and Scentwork trainer Sharon Edwards will talk you through how your dog is behaving and why.  Your dog will then be introduced to a specific scent and its first experience of a search area, designed to support and encourage your dog according to its individual needs.  You will leave with a better understanding of your canine friend and how you can support, encourage and enrich their life (and yours) with through scentwork. 

Scent Skills - Teamwork!

Handler £55

Spectator £35

This workshop builds on your Scentwork skills encouraging your dog to work with you and learn how to ask for help.  You will both tackle more difficult search areas and learn how to be a more efficient search team.



Scent Classes

A small group fun scent class.  Complete challenges, learn new skills and practice your teamwork both inside and outdoors with fun games and sniffing tasks.




Classes offer the perfect opportunity to learn about scent work in a small group class environment.  With a maximum of 4 dogs attending you will introduce a specific scent to your dog and learn about basic handler skills including search patterns during 3 two hour lessons held on a Monday evenings

Starter Scent Classes